Monday, 22 October 2012

I'm blaming the weather...

Since my last post, I've done back and leg sessions; both went okay, but I'm feeling really flat and weak at the moment.

I don't like to make excuses for any shortcomings or shit sessions, but I truly do think being ill has affected my performance in the gym. It doesn't matter massively as I'm not training to compete or anything. But it's frustrating feeling like you're going backwards rather than forwards. Shit happens I suppose. Happens to everyone at some point, I just have to get my head round it and not let it piss me off too much.

I still haven't managed to get my support belt back from the place I left it; this is also a bit of a hindrance as I felt a bit wonky when I was deadlifting. I went up to 45kg (for reps) which is down 7.5kg from my best, for reps. Not the end of the world really; the weight felt fine on the first couple, I just fatigued really quickly and was struggling to breathe due to being full to the brim with mucus. Urggggh I fucking hate winter! I've struggled to sleep because I've been coughing every night, so I really can believe now that being well rested makes a huge difference to your performance.

Another thing I've been trying to do is cut down on my caffeine & sugar intake; this would probably have an impact (albeit small) on how I feel throughout a gym session. Amazing how things that are bad for you, really do make you feel good! Always the way...

After deadlifting, I went on to lat pull downs & nearly ripped my thumb off adjusting the height on the machine. Luckily I moved quickly enough and just ripped the skin off - I say luckily, it hurt like a bitch; but at least I still have my thumb attached to my hand. Always a winner! After having my bleeding thumb tended to by the lovely Clayton, I walked back over to Terry & said "well that's totally fucked everything. I can't do anything now", to which he replied "yes you can. Just don't use your thumb". Sympathetic as always. It's amazing how much you use your thumb without realising - I've been practically disabled (more than normal) since doing it. Even taking the handbrake off in my car requires a little extra thought now.

My leg day didn't go much better than the back session; as before, I felt flat and fatigued. I'm not as snotty/phlegmy as I was, so I'm assuming I'm on the mend. My squatting did not substantiate that fact. I have previously squatted 50kg for 5 reps with ease. There was definitely more to give on that occasion. Based on this, I expected to be around the same level this week, rather than declining. I worked up to 40kg and just felt flat. I even borrowed Emmy's super strong lifting belt, wore my knee supports and still felt like a sack of shit. My legs were burning, I felt wobbly and I was out of breath within 2 reps...?! Wtf! My fitness has severely decreased; I really need to work on this to be able to get through a gym session without feeling like I'm going to keel over. I know I've been really unwell literally the whole of October, but that's just taking the piss.

Moaning done (for now), I then went on to do some more leg work on machines and still felt pretty lame. Same weights as usual, same number of reps - I just struggled to get through it far more than normal. Terry also made me do some step ups onto a box while holding dumbbells. I did not fucking enjoy this one bit. The box was higher than my knees, too fucking high if you ask me! I was muttering and swearing the whole time, for all the good that did - he just told me to 'shut the fuck up and get on with it', which I ignored and carried on swearing anyway. I did some extra squats using the monolift as I felt my earlier ones were crap - I did 10 reps just to feel like I'd done something; the bar in the monolift weighs 5kg more than a regular bar, so I just did extra reps rather than adding extra weight. I followed this with complaining about having to do planks; they're so painful and boring. I did them anyway - regular and both sides. Unfortunately, a necessary evil.

Since commencing my training, things have definitely improved within my physical being. I can get myself out of bed EVERY day with no help, my pain has decreased massively and I no longer have to take as many painkillers to get through the day. In fact, I will be coming off of them entirely within the next couple of weeks. This is primarily because of my work situation, but it's best to not have to rely on narcotics in an attempt to have a normal life; ideally I'd like to make that happen by myself through training, stretching and supplements/vitamins/diet.

Considering I've done absolutely fuck all exercise most of my life, I'm surprised by how little my body has changed since starting out. My arms, shoulders & back are much more defined than they were - great; they were never problem areas to begin with. My 'ab' (note the lack of 's' on the end - I only have 1 ab) looks the same as always, as do my thighs & arse. The older I get, the more pear shaped I become. This is something that I think can only be rectified by doing fat burning exercise and changing my diet. Boo :( I can honestly say, my body is (currently) built by:

Greasy fry ups

It's my own fault for following a strongman diet on top of my already horrific eating habits. I do blame myself, no one forces me to eat like a pig. Time to change...

You can do loads of sit-ups & have amazing abs, but what's the point if they're covered in a layer of fat? You can't even see what's built up underneath. This is something that has stuck with me since first reading Bruce Lee's book about the art of the human body. Time to listen!

Anyhoo, time for bed soon as I'm ill and knackered. I'll update again soon... Promise...

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